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American Bath Refinishing Celebrating 15 years of Saving Baths and Money for clients

“My mission has always been to offer an alternative to traditional bathroom remodeling and saving my clients time and money”, says Mark Hubsch, owner of American Bath Refinishing. “Gutting a bathroom is very expensive, makes a huge mess in your house and takes a long time. I have heard stories of homeowners struggling for months without their bathroom after taking this project on themselves”.

For the past 15 years American Bath Refinishing has specialized in helping clients avoid all the demolition, dust, downtime and expense by refinishing existing bathtubs and wall tile and giving them a brand new look in any color they like. Worn out, wrong color bathtubs can be made to look brand new again and those 1950s and 60s wall tile colors can be refinished in today’s colors in just a few hours and usable the very next day.

American Bath Refinishing began installing Acrylic tub liners and wall systems 12 years ago in order to offer yet another alternative to expensive bath area remodeling. “Our system fits a perfectly molded acrylic tub liner over your existing bathtub with matching acrylic walls in order to save even more demolition, downtime, and expense”, explains Hubsch. “We customize each bath to meet the customer’s needs with custom installed shelving that gives plenty of room to store those big bottles of shampoo and body wash in the corners where they are out of the way and dry. New single handle plumbing controls make getting that perfect mix easy with no fear of getting a shock of scalding hot or ice cold water if someone flushes a toilet in the house. And my favorite feature is the curved shower curtain bar that makes your bath seem twice as big as it used to be”. This approach is in keeping with the American Bath company mission of little downtime as Hubsch personally installs these systems in just a day or two.

The recent economy has made homeowners think carefully about remodeling projects and Hubsch has a program for those cautious homeowners who need to spend their money wisely. “I have focused on the Acrylic Bath and Shower Systems in recent years by lowering my prices and taking credit cards so that homeowners who have been putting off fixing that leaky bath or shower can just get to it. Seniors always get a discount when they get my quote instead of higher prices and pressure sales from some of the other remodelers.” Backed up by a Lifetime Warrantee, the Acrylic American Bath may be the answer to your remodeling dilemma. Call Mark at American Bath Refinishing to get your free, no pressure quote for your American Bath Acrylic System at 609-203-1717.