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American Bath specializes in Bathtub liner and Wall Systems.  It is what we install more than anything else.  Truly our specialty, Acrylic Bath systems can solve a multitude of problems and issues all at once. Leaky grout and caulk, loose tile and soft water damaged walls, ugly tile colors from the 50s and surfaces that can no longer be cleaned are just a handful of reasons to install a complete Acrylic Bath System. We will start with a perfectly fitted bathtub liner that covers your old bathtub completely right down to the floor in front. Acrylic Walls go all the way to the ceiling or to wherever you need them to go insuring no more leaks or water damage to the structures beneath. A new plumbing fixture will insure ease of use and safe operation. Shelves and caddies, and soap dishes of all kinds can be custom installed where you need them to be. Safety grab bars add a measure of safety and help prevent that fall that we hear about so much. Curved shower curtain bars make your shower seem much bigger and helps to keep the water off the floor preventing slippery and hazardous conditions. The practicality of this system is obvious but our Acrylic is truly appreciated the most when it comes time to clean it. Spray a mild cleaner like “Scrub Free” on the surface of your Acrylic Tub and Walls and wipe with a sponge. Rinse.  That’s it. Our non-porous acrylic is super easy to clean. There just isn’t anything easier under the sun.

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