Wall Tile Refinishing

In just a few hours American Bath can refinish your 1950s or 1960s wall tile colors to a more contemporary look without all the dust, demolition and downtime associated with traditional "rip it out and do it over" remodeling. Cracks and holes can be repaired and we can even get rid of those old toothbrush holders and soap dishes that may be in the way of your new look.


Bathtub  Refinishing 

American Bath Refinishing

Serving Central New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania


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Bathtub refinishing makes your tub look like new again
If your tub is worn out, hard to clean, stained, or chipped,  American Bath Refinishing can put a brand new surface on that old bathtub making it easy to clean and a pleasure to bath in again. Outdated colors can be refinished to something contemporary to match todays more modern color palette or to any color your imagination or mood may desire.

Repairs damaged surface area
Damage to the surface of your tub like chips, scratches and rust spots will be repaired and are completed before we perform the tub refinishing to ensure proper adhesion of the coating and an invisable repair.

Bathtubs are ready to use in 24 hours

Bathtub refinishing takes only a couple hours and is a non-invasive process. Customers have only 24 hours to wait before enjoying their newly surfaced bathtub.  Refrain from using any chemical cleaners for the first week to ensure the finish is entirely cured.